Top 5 Tips- If One Selecting Banquet Hall

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24 May

Top 5 Tips- If One Selecting Banquet Hall

Wedding :

Wedding is an important part of an Each & Every Person’s life. People get to Experience it usually once in their lifetime. They try to go the extra mile for Selecting Bin order to make the wedding perfect in every aspect.

Right from choosing the perfect life partner to selecting the apt accessories for the functions, every little thing is said to be vital and precious. These moments not just add to their beautiful memories but also give people a chance to treasure it afterward.

Apart from choosing banquet halls in east delhi for engagement accessories, caterers, photographers, decorators, choreographers of east delhi banquet halls the main task is to choose the best banquet hall in east delhi for the perfect & big occasion.

Importance of Banquet Hall:

  • The banquet hall which people select with the point of wedding and pre-wedding functions has few benefits of its own. The banquet hall makes a great impact on the guests of the occasion.
  • Not just this, the couple and their respective families and friends also wish for a perfect venue. Where they can perform the Rituals Nicely and at the same time they enjoy the occasion to the fullest.
  • Another benefit that one can gain from a good banquet hall is that their guests will be taken good care of. The attendants will see that the guests are being served well so the host families do not have to take much stress over it.

Why Plan Your WEDDING in East Delhi?

East Delhi is a perfect place for any event, without any Doubt. It serves you with the best of everything. Every bride Dreams of throwing a big bash on her Big Day. It has several reasons why you need to choose it. It can give your favorite theme for your most special occa

Your multiple favorite cuisines in a single plate.

Your favorite band to perform in your Sangeet.

Your favorite photographers capturing your precious moments.

Your favorite choreographer making everyone move and groove on catchy wedding numbers and what not.

You Can Also get it all – Just a Call Away at L’elegant Royal Banquet. YES..!!

You just can’t say no to a Delhi wedding. But like all other things, selecting a suitabl has a small number of things of its own which you need to follow in order to access your dream venue in reality.

In order to decide on an Ideal Banquet hall for the wedding & the pre-wedding functions is an art which everyone does not possess. One needs to see a lot of things while selecting the most suitable banquet hall for the out of the ordinary occasion. He must put in order a checklist before booking a venue.

Just Check these important Points

The capacity of the banquet hall:

  • The first thing that comes to a person’s mind while organizing a wedding function is to make a list of the guests who are to be invited. Therefore it is the duty of the organizer to check the capacity of the banquet hall which he is going to select for the wedding and pre-wedding functions.
  • In addition, he also needs to see that the selected banquet hall have space for every occasion. For example, there should a ballroom or a hall for the sangeet function or the bachelor party, a cozy space for a private engagement function, a big space for a mandap setup for a traditional Hindu wedding and many more spots.

Parking space:

  • Parking space for the vehicles of the families and the guests is the most important point which is to be kept in mind while choosing any banquet hall.
  • It also depends on the number of guests. The more the names on the guest list, the bigger the parking lot should be present at the banquet hall.

The surroundings of the banquet hall:

  • People choose banquet halls not just according to the type of wedding or the number of guests but also according to their status & standards.
  • As a result, they need to choose a venue where the surrounding should be posh and clean as it will eventually be linked to their status & standard.


  • Catering, sooner or later, corresponds to the standard of a banquet hall. The food and the drinks are the main reason why guests love to be present at the events. For that reason, the catering should be the best of quality.
  • Besides this, the food and the drinks, the tables, the crockery, the food & drink stalls and everything related to food and drinks should be in the best condition as well as it will make a good impact on the guests. Even there is a very good quote saying, ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”.

The Attendants:

  • The host families cannot treat every guest individually, therefore, the attendants of the banquet hall must be active enough so that they can take good care of the guests.
  • It’s the guests who add life to any occasion, therefore, they should be served well with food, drinks, and love.

The Ambience:

  • The ambiance is not just lightened up by the guests but it is actually lightened by the decorations and the dedication put up by the organizers of the b
  • The embellishments, the cuisines, the sound system, the attendants all need to be worked on properly in order to gain the required ambiance for the wedding functions.

A banquet hall which is to be seen with the view of wedding and pre-wedding functions must possess the qualities described above as it will eventually lead to a successful event that will be etched on your mind forever.

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