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best banquet hall in delhiBest Banquet Hall in Mayur Vihar East Delhi NCR

L’elegant is a renowned banquet hall situated in the heart of Mayur Vihar. It provides you with the best of arrangements for your special occasions. The spot is available for wedding functions and pre wedding functions, corporate events, kitty parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties and other formal, informal and social gatherings.

About L’elegant

At L’elegant, the organizing team believe in authenticity with a pinch of uniqueness. We provide you with sleek interior, beautiful themed decorations, well-liked catering, quality services, pleasing environment, a big vehicle parking spot and what not.

The organizing team chooses the clients requirements as their priority. Keeping in mind the theme of the occasion, the organizers arrange for the best of products and services to reach the heights of perfection. The requirements of the clients are kept in mind whenever any event is organized. Apart from working according to the checklist of the client, L’elegant understands the emotions and feelings of the client associated with the event. Therefore, we put in our best efforts to preserve the special ness of your special occasions. Living up to the expectations of the clients is what makes us the best. We believe in spreading smiles and what can be better than doing it through organizing successful events.

L’elegant has been listed in one of the best banquet hall in Delhi NCR. Moreover, it dwells in the heart of Mayur Vihar which is another reason to opt for it. The grandeur and the ambience present at L’elegant will make you fall for it. The themed decorations are done so gracefully by our decorators that it gives the place a magical feel. You can sneak a look into our events gallery for the mesmerizing decorations done on different themes on different occasions. What is more is the service that we provide during the event which is always appreciated by our clients. It is the one key reason why they get back to us every time they have to organize any event.

Why should you choose L’elegant

Though there are many striking banquet halls present in Delhi-NCR, we would like you to be acquainted with the reasons why you should choose us.

L’elegant understands the client’s needs and works as per their expectations. Right from creating a suitable ambience for the event to keeping the crowd engaged in the facilities provided by us during the event, we put in our finest efforts to make the events successful in every term. You can learn from a variety of features present below in order to know us more.

  • The interior of the banquet hall: The delicate interior of L’elegant adorned with decorations, which are pleasing to the eye, makes the spot picturesque. The organizing team always look after the taste of the clients and work on the decorations accordingly. We have conducted events on various themes at various occasions. One can choose from a variety of themes by looking into our events gallery. The interior of the hall is kept subtle yet simple so that any themed decoration can be easily done over it. This was done keeping in mind the requirements of the clients. For simple or formal functions like kitty parties or official conferences or meetings, the sleekness of the interior of the place makes it the perfect venue. Not much bling is added so that it will suit almost every occasion.

L’elegant understands the significance of the events.

  • The location of the banquet hall: The location of the venue is one major factor that makes you choose it. L’elegant resides in the heart of Mayur Vihar. This makes it highly preferable by most of the clients and the event attendees. It can be easily located and accessed by the visitors. The splendor and the lavishness of the banquet hall make it top the list of most of the clients. Not just the residents of Delhi-NCR, the people coming from outside the town also choose it for their special events. The location of L’elegant is much liked by the clients along with its surroundings. The area of a banquet hall makes an impact on the guests of the event therefore, the clients always checks the location as well as its surroundings before finalizing any banquet hall.

Moreover, Mayur Vihar is renowned for its clean surroundings and sophisticated crowd. The location is counted in the favorites’ list of Delhi-NCR. It is far from the typical traffic of the city and is also accessible easily by the visitors.

  • The spaciousness of the banquet hall: One of the key reasons that come into the mind of the host whenever he plans any event is the estimate number of guests invited. Therefore, he chooses such venue that has room for his estimate attendees. When talking about L’elegant, the banquet hall is highly spacious. The place is designed in such a way that it can conduct small gatherings as well as big events. They have arrangements for wedding functions and pre wedding functions, corporate events and other social events like kitty parties, birthday parties, etc. The space is spread over a large area.

The ballroom is present for big occasions like grand wedding functions. It can have a large number of guests without creating any mess in the event. Other rooms and a park are also designed and developed for the pre wedding functions like the haldi function, the mehendi function, the sangeet function or other ceremonies like the roka ceremony, the baby shower ceremony and many other events.

A different space is designed for the ladies to throw and enjoy kitty parties. The space is designed so beautifully that the ladies will not only enjoy the luxury but will also go gaga over the services provided by L’elegant. The space is designed keeping in mind the importance of these gatherings.

A boardroom and a meeting hall are designed for official conferences and meetings. The place has facilities to use different equipment which can be used during a formal gathering. The place is kept sleek and neat to give it a complete formal ambience.

  • The client’s satisfaction: At L’elegant, we believe in our client’s contentment & satisfaction. The organizing team always work and live up to the expectations of the client. This is one of the key reasons which make us land in the list of the best banquet halls of Delhi. The needs and requirements of the clients have always been on top of the organizer team’s list. Furthermore, we develop a personal bond with the client in order to achieve their trust and to get to know their feelings & emotions regarding the event. This bond helps us in making the event successful by doing every possible thing that will make the client achieve his goal of conducting the event.

If it is a wedding function, we put in all our efforts to give it an emotional touch while if it is a kitty party, we see that the ladies enjoy their time to the fullest keeping away all of their worries and get engaged completely in the event.

In case of a formal event like a conference or a meeting, we keep a check that no disturbance is made during the event by our side as formal events are delicate events where deals and bonds are made in order to carry it forward.

  • The ambience of the banquet hall: The ambience of the banquet hall should be such that it gives you a high-quality and comfortable feel. At L’elegant, we endow you with the best of ambience. We put our efforts in accomplishing the theme of the occasion. The decorations are done keeping in mind the theme and significance of the event. Besides this, we also keep a check that every guest is being treated fairly and they are taken good care of by our team. We provide you with the best of our services. What is more is that our organizing team makes sure that the client leaves us on happy note. Our main concern is contentment of the client.
  • The quality and standard of the banquet hall: The banquet hall that a client chooses adds to his status eventually. The guests attending the event also determine the standard of the host by the location of the event including its surroundings and few other things. It is basically human tendency to judge by what they see. Moreover, everyone loves to go to places having high standards and providing high quality stuff. L’elegant is aware of the status of their clients; therefore, they prefer quality over quantity. The organizing team uses the best quality products and services so that the client does not get disappointed. We use the top most decorators of the town to get the best of decorations done for the events. We also call the best caterers in order to make the guests feast on finger-licking food. On the whole, we work on raising the standard of the events as we understand the importance of the special occasions.
  • The catering: Food is the major reason for 90% of the guests to attend an event. Therefore, L’elegant provides you with the best of catering to give an unforgettable taste that will eventually add to your unforgettable memories which you will take back from the event

Different spots for different types of occasions

L’elegant is a huge banquet hall located in Mayur Vihar. Being highly spacious, it has different rooms and halls for different types of functions. The rooms are assigned and highlighted as per the theme of the occasion.

  • Ballroom: The ballroom is designed keeping in mind grand wedding and pre wedding functions. You can view the decor of the room in our events gallery.
  • Conference hall: The conference hall is developed and created with the purpose of conducting formal gatherings or corporate events. The ambience required for formal gatherings is maintained within the hall completely.
  • Dining hall: The dining hall is separately designed for the dining purpose or the lunch gatherings. It has a sleek ambience so that no mess is created.
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